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2022.01.21 05:50 Alarming-Landscape18 https://t.me/joinchat/BME7Vz3UT8cxZTIx

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2022.01.21 05:50 RiotFckBWC 6 months into the game and never seen a biome like that. Light Planet - Euclid

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2022.01.21 05:50 Lucky-senpai [WP] you suddenly wake up on another planet. The civilization that lives there is super advanced. You get falsely accused of a crime and quickly flee the planet and are now traveling through space trying to find earth.

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2022.01.21 05:50 12jonboy12 I thought of Vitamix explorian for $270 refurbished with manufacturer warranty, was this a dumb purchase?

It's going to be arriving fairly soon, it's factory reconditioned with a warranty.
My diet is mostly fruits and veggies with some nuts at the moment, so the ability to make smoothies, nut butters and soups probably will help
Do you guys have any input on if a Vitamix is worth it or not?
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2022.01.21 05:50 Nederland5 Grootschalige opvang en hergebruik van regenwater Blijdorp

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2022.01.21 05:50 MKillerby All-world maintenance on Jan 25th for patch 6.08 and opening of OCE servers

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2022.01.21 05:50 Tammylee_123 The hunting camera caught it. Beautiful, isn't it?

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2022.01.21 05:50 BasTarpan Can I benefit from it?

I am 26 yo male, never been in relationship nor have sex. At this point I am not longer able to believe that I could form a meaningful relationship. I am wondering if NoFap could help me somehow. I wouldn't consider myself as someone who has serious problem with this kind of addiction as I do it like 2-4 times per week. However I am curious if it can help me to get rid of need of sexual and emotional clossines. I wouldn't like to get my testosterone levels lower though. I like to train at gym and I am afraid that it could destroy my progress.
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2022.01.21 05:50 throwawaytehrock Having a hard time to know how to feel about my significant other

I want some feedback on if I am overreacting about a current fight that I am having with my girlfriend. We have been together for around 4 months now and I spent a lot of time with her over at her apartment. She has been in abusive relationships in her past.
I cant help but to feel like the relationship is very one-sided. I feel like I am giving this women way more than I am receiving in return. She isn't the lovey dovey physical touch type. She is more the reserved cold type. I am like the complete opposite. I show my affections and love through touch and doing nice things for the person. I feel like she very rarely does anything for me. There are certain things sexually she wont do for me either that I very much like. I feel like all the time I am asking her if she wants a massage, if she needs something while im out at the groceries, pay almost every time we go out, i've done most of the cooking, always picking us up food. I am very much in love with this person and I think about her all the time.
I've told her how I feel about the relationship being one sided but she doesn't agree with it. This issues has been boiling up in me for a while now. About a week ago I asked her to come with me to my house one morning and spend the weekend. I needed to renew my license so I asked her if she could help me out with a few questions that I needed to know before taking it while I was driving us. The way she wanted to test me wasn't the most efficient way and time was a issue so I asked her to do it the way I wanted her to do it to help me with the test. She got really mad and started saying things like well fuck you... I am not going to help. I got upset because I was asking her to help me and she wouldn't do it. I asked for just a simple thing and she wouldn't do it. We ended up in a week long fight and silence over this. I waited for her to reach out to me because I wanted to feel like she actually loved me. I was upset she couldn't just do this one thing for me because I feel like I do so much for her.
So she reaches out to me and I agree to meet up with her and talk about our issues. She said she feels less connected with me when we fight and I don't reach out to her to fix things. So over the weekend on friday I meet up with her and we start talking and I tell her exactly how I feel about our relationship being one-sided. I asked her to fill out a list of all the things she had done for me and I will fill out a list of everything I do for her. She wouldnt fill this out and got defensive. We end up I thought patching things up by making a 24 hour rule that we allow each other before we talk about a problem. She said there are going to be times when she cant give equal love but I didnt understand what she meant by that.
Ok so that was friday... I spend the night and then on saturday night I go out with my friends to a club. I end up leaving my keys in my coat that I checked in and I needed a ride to my work at 6am. I called her and ask her if she can help me and get me to work. She shows up and she is super angry just pretty much laying into me about being irresponsible etc... She also picks me up from work that afternoon and we go back to her apartment. It felt good to me that she was there for me when I asked her. It made me feel loved. So this club wasnt going to open back up till tuesday evening and I was parked in the pay meter section of the street. I was in a real pickle. She let me use her car to get to work on monday afternoon and come back at night. I was paying for the street parking sporadically every couple hours on monday hoping the meter maids wouldnt give me a ton of tickets. At this time on monday I havent even been back to my parked car since sunday afternoon after work so I had no idea what was going on. I had no idea if it had been towed, tickets all over it, or booted. In the morning on tuesday I started getting really nervous about it so I asked her if I could take her car to go check on it. My plan was to babysit it all day till work if it wasnt already towed. I didnt want to pay for paid parking all day like on monday. Its very expensive in the city. The club reopens at 4pm so I couldnt get my keys back until then. So I didnt really know what to do at this point. I really needed her to let me use her car one more day until I could get my keys back when she refused I thought the only choice I had was to take a uber to my car to check on it and just sit in the car all day to make sure the meter maids didn't give me a ton of tickets or tow it. I leave her to do that and call a uber since she wouldn't let me take her car. I get dropped off and I was so happy to see my car was still on the street with no tickets on it. I felt so relieved. So now I am sitting in my car freezing 8 hours protecting it from the maids and feeling so angry at her that she wouldn't help me out just one more day. I just needed the car to sit in a stay warm turning it on every once in a while to babysit my car.
I needed her help and her car just one more day to get out of my situation. She works from home and didn't need the car at all on these days. It made me feel like she didn't love me at all that she would let me freeze in my car for 8 hours till the club reopened.... I would never let her do that. I would have been there for her giving her everything she needed if she was in need and I could help. I felt almost betrayed and feeling like this women doesn't care at all about me. When I called her out on it, she basically just told me its not her fault that I left my keys in the club. Basically, your fault you deal with it. I know it was my fault but what's the point of a relationship when the person isn't going to be there when you are in the most dire need?
Her abusive previous relationship she said she was taken advantage of. Why is she doing this to me now?
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2022.01.21 05:50 surveycircle_bot Mitarbeiter-Kunden-Interaktionen

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2022.01.21 05:50 sahw2015 I find myself in a very grey area, was it forceful on his side? TMI

I have found myself in a very grey area. I need to get this off my chest, as I can't seem to get pass this. I need reassurance/validation on this please. I don't know if this is me fell for my husband seduction, or he was somewhat forceful.
Sorry TMI post.
Sorry for English is my third language. Me and my husband we together 11 years, married 7 years.
TMI below
Something happened a while back, and till this day I still wasn't sure. I know it consensual sex, but then part of me not sure if it because I was so hesitant due to my missed pill therefore I didn't give the first minute initial consent.
I need some reassurance/validate my feelings on this please.
Husband initiated sex, and I did specificly told him that it was not a good time due to my missed pill that month and I didn't want to get pregnant (in all fairness, I did not use the word No).
Well, he went on forcefully suck on my mouth, then to my neck, then he slide down one side of my shirt and forcefully suck on my shoulder repeatedly, repeatedly, he just won’t stop use his mouth. However I did not say the word No or stop.
what I did was called his name, then I called his name again, my heart was racing for him but deep down I was hesitant I might get pregnant due to my missed pill.
He still won’t stop sucking/kissing, then he went to my breast, then continue his mouth down to my stomach, then his mouth down to my vagina. Then yeah you know, I had consensual sex with him.
Sucking here he was just using his mouth, he never hurt me.
In fall fairness, I did enjoy, really enjoy the sex with him. (sex with him it always been out of this world, he gives me multiple vaginal orgasms after orgasms).
He always the dominant one in sex and I'm the submissive one, so him sucking all over my body it nothing new. At first I was scare of might get pregnant, so I tried to fight it off. But then he continued on and it feels really good so I had consensual sex with him.
I mean I even unbutton his dress shirt, so it can't be forceful (on his side) right? When he on top of me while kissing all over me, he started to unbutton his dress shirt, then I engage I even help him to unbutton it too.
This alone say it wasn't force right? I mean how can it be force if I help unbutton his dress shirt? I guess I wanted sex with him too.
I keep blame my hands, because as he kissing all over me he started to unbutton his dress shirt, and I help him unbutton it too, so perhaps I he see that as consent?
Validate my feeling on this please, he is my husband, I’m just confuse with my feelings on this. And he did this for a whole month of my missed pill, not just a one time thing, so he clearly know what he was doing. I did ask my husband why he did what he did, and he said it because he loves me very much and he crazy about me.
So basically my husband seduce me, I fell for it. I should woman up and take responsibility instead of shift the blame to him right? But for some reason part of me feel that he purposely did what he did to turn me on, persuade? as he knows he really really good in bed and I couldn't find myself to reject him sex. Yep, I found myself in a very grey area, I need validation on this.
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2022.01.21 05:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - ‘Who wants to get sick?’: Why the west will mostly back Mark McGowan despite backflip | Sydney Morning Herald

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2022.01.21 05:50 svanapps Bitcoin Tumbles Below $40,000 to Lowest Level in Five Months

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2022.01.21 05:50 AnSawhatever "White day", what is it?

When I started playing there was this "White Day" login bonus that gave me two UR memory cards. But, what exactly is white day? Was it a one time thing or will we get it again this year? I was under impression that it is a bonus for new players, but now I know that it'snot the case. So, can anyone please clear a few things up for me?
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2022.01.21 05:50 bobdung Covid bonkers or rightly rule following

I know it's not in the mega thread but it's not really medical or related to numbers etc.
I needed a piece of fruit or veg the other day, 18.00 end of day, I went to a nearby village shop that was just getting ready to close. I realised I didn't have a mask with me and thought crap - but the stuff is outside, place deserted, only me, let's try.
I popped the veg in a provided bag opened the shop door and saw the lady there, no mask on either.. She said hello, welcome, smiled. I said - sorry I forgot my mask, I just want this.
Oops, she put her mask on and said no. No service without a mask, you need to leave.
To me this is just bonkers. The sudden change of putting her mask on, the flat no, I mean she could have taken my money outside even. It's not like I wanted to sit down and chat.
Or was she completely correct.?
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2022.01.21 05:50 TemperatureIcy7273 S2000 F22 Vs K24

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2022.01.21 05:50 Info_Dept Visiting New Zealand's NASCAR

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2022.01.21 05:50 No_Suspect_7562 How to switch between panels in Bolt?

I'm trying to learn how to make games in Unity using Bolt but it's frustrating. My game will basically just consist of six different menus in which you handle your inventory and do various things. I'm trying to set up some basic placeholder menus but I can't get a working flow machine that lets me switch between the different menus.
Could someone post some instructions or an example of how one might do this, please? :)
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2022.01.21 05:50 CarolsKitchen Crispy Crab Rolls | Fried Crab Rolls 蟹棗

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2022.01.21 05:50 jimjama1990 Stuck in Stanford le hope

Hi all, has anyone had a recent issue / resolve with a package stuck at customs ?
It’s been there for around 15 days now, CS can’t do anything or connect me via phone or email for me to chase up, the item is from Spain from a person (so no chance of refund if lost) the tracking updates everyday to ‘warehouse scan’
Not sure if it’s lost, or if there’s just massive delays
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2022.01.21 05:50 CocoaCarob 'He was watching Mr Bean': Woman apologises after accusing man of staring at her in gym

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2022.01.21 05:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - In Pictures: Meat Loaf | Sydney Morning Herald

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2022.01.21 05:50 PfftKhaganate Which country is it easiest to FIRE and which is the most difficult?

Without geo arbitrage by going to different countries (excluding short term leave such as Vacations).
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2022.01.21 05:50 ATXravenclaw Week 3: Pantry Challenge - 🍪 Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 🍪

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2022.01.21 05:50 HappyKitten5695 Is It Okay To Defend Against An Unlawful Attack From A Cop?

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