Lupe Vélez - h1296

2021.11.29 18:33 Sovetika Lupe Vélez - h1296

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2021.11.29 18:33 reet_reet7 How can I tell if my friend still cares about me? How can I help her in her situation?

This may be a long one, so buckle in folks. (There is a recap at the bottom, but I think the background info is necessary)
Just over a year ago now, I met one of my best friends online. She lives in a different country than me, both of us still barely under the age of 18 and still living with our parents. She is one of my favourite people in the world. We talk every day, and I love her like a sister. I know that she once felt the same- hell, she's the one who told me she saw me as a sister first, she's the one who started telling me that she loved me.
But lately, my friend hasn't been doing too well. She tells me that she doesn't care about anything anymore. I recognize the symptoms of depression in her, right down to the suicidal idealization. I've tried my best to help her as much as I could, doing research to educate myself further on what I could say to her, finding resources to help her out, but I don't think anything really worked. Let's just say that her parents are not the most... open-minded when it comes to mental illness, and my friend holds herself to such a high standard that she refuses to see even the school counselor. Why? Because she says she just "doesn't care about anything anymore".
I have accepted that there is little I can do to help her out until we both move out of our parents' homes and can see each other in person. I know that the best I can do is be there for her and show my support until she is willing to get help. I can't force her to do anything, especially from another country.
But I've run into another problem. I am an emotional person, someone who cherishes my loved ones more than I cherish myself, to be frank. My best friend is a bit more of a logical thinker. I need to be told or shown that I'm cared about by the people I care for. I, of course, could never tell anybody that. It would mean that their affection would not be genuine anymore, or if it was, I'd feel like I guilted them into it. Normally, getting affection was not hard from my friend. We have a very banter-focused friendship, me with energetic and childish pokes and her with witty and quick remarks. But we always managed to slip in a little mention about how much we care about each other ("aww, you really do love me! you're so cute!" "no, no, take that back. i'm not cute." "but you do love me" "well, yeah."). Lately though, this affection hasn't been coming from her too much. It's gotten to the point where I feel as though I'm reminding her that I really do care about her at the end of every conversation, but when I look at our message history, she hasn't told me that she cared about me outside of an "I love you, but..." in months.
It hurts a lot. More than I'd EVER tell her. I've dealt with toxic friends before, the type of people who never cared about me and only cared that I was there to make them feel better about themselves. I've learned how to cut those types of people out of my life. But this friend isn't like that. I know many people's advice would be to cut her out, but it's impossible. Not only does she mean more to me than those former toxic friends ever could, but I know in my heart that she's different. I keep thinking back to what she said before, how she just "doesn't care about anything anymore". Does that apathy include me? Does that apathy include everyone?
I know this is selfish, such a selfish thought, but I'm left wondering if she still cares about me? I know, it's horrible. My friend is struggling mentally, apathy interfering with her life and suicidal thoughts (not severe thoughts or any actions as far as I know, but still) plague her mind, and yet all I can think about is myself. I, admittedly, am not in the most stable place myself due to a certain pandemic, so maybe that's why I'm just craving her validation, but still, it's absolutely no excuse for me to bring it up to her directly.
My dilemma is that I just don't know what to do. I know that I want her to feel better, and I also know that I want to know if she does care about me still, or the apathy has even taken over that part of her life. I fear that bringing up my feelings on this directly may only make her worse. My friend is insecure about how she shows affection, and forcing her to be honest about her emotions will absolutely cause her to shut down. But my heart just breaks every day, because each day I'm filled with hope that maybe she still does care about me and maybe I really do make her happy, and then my mind immediately shoots to her own words. "I don't care about anything anymore". The lack of affection these past couple of months. The lack of assurances or thought of what I may be doing. She used to always ask how I was, what I did that day, assure me that rambling about my Star Wars obsession was not annoying. She doesn't do that anymore.
So what do I do? How do I help my friend? How can I tell if she still cares about me like she used to? And if I'm not bringing her the same amount of joy, how can I change my approaches to help her be happy around me again? What am I doing wrong?
TL;DR, my friend says that she "doesn't care about anything anymore". She is not doing well mentally. I am not sure if that apathy extends to me, and if she doesn't care about me anymore. I want to know how I can help her out, and how I can tell if she still cares about me while being considerate to her struggles.
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2021.11.29 18:33 Arhoon Who broke it 😡- Pentax K1000/Pentax-M 52 50mm/Kodak Ultramax 400

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2021.11.29 18:33 VictorHelios1 Flames are 2nd this month on TSN power rankings. Edmonton? Down at 7th….

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2021.11.29 18:33 jreddittwice Partner approval overstepping?

Is approval or rejection of your partners other partners overstepping?
I am not cozy with us participating in solo play yet (but hope to work up to it one day) and there is a guy who we have encountered that is absolutely non-engaging with me. Neither of him nor I are bi, but I think I should have some connection with additional partners we take on and not be invisible to them. I was informed that I did not give him a fair shake so we had a second experience where I felt I made extra efforts to engage, but still was mostly ghosted outside of in initial greeting and refusal of the offered drink. This whole second event went poorly on many other levels and there is a lot of work to be done there.....
I do not have any interest in continuing to explore a relationship with someone that ignores me and is all on my wife.... and have expressed that. She suggests he does not have a relationship with me... and really wants to solo date but compromised to include me so she could at least explore. I disagree and even though our relationship is not sexual that we are dating as a single entity of a couple, and I am engaged in a relationship with any partner we allow in.
I wish to stick with my initial intuition that this guy was not the right guy for us, despite my wifes desires. Is it OK for me to express this and say I have no interest in continuing to explore a relationship with him, but would entertain future individuals.
I have a high degree of confidence that this will not be pleasing to her at all.... but I can manage that. I just want to ensure that it is not inappropriate for me to weigh in on who we are dating together and who we are not.
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2021.11.29 18:33 BlankVerse Trump stopped receiving presidential intelligence briefings after the Capitol riot, new book says

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2021.11.29 18:33 francisclancy H: weapons W: handmade minigun & junk

Looking for a VE15rl minigun & handmade
(Junk) weapons I would take junk for. Mostly looking for ballistic fiber, asbestos, or oil
B 50 250 Handmade(junk)
B 50 15 Handmade
I 15 50 Railway(junk)
V E 250 Railway
AA 25ffr Stealth Field PepperShaker(junk)
Gour 50 15rl Handmade(junk)
J 50 15rl Handmade(junk)
J 50 25 Railway(junk)
J 40power attack +1S Super Sludge(junk)
VE 25 .50cal
AA 15 25ffr Fixer
B E 50dr Handmade
AAE 1A Railway
Quad ffr +1A Fixer(junk)
Jug E 90rw Fixer(junk)
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2021.11.29 18:33 arafaoumma بعض من اكلات الجزائر #مطبخنا_الجزايري

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2021.11.29 18:33 Nintendofan2008yt deep posts be like

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2021.11.29 18:33 Zabnork Made this in to send to friends following their change of heart about how Oda was going to handle more Zoro backstory reveal.

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2021.11.29 18:33 ItsallLegos 🎅🏼 Celebrate this Holiday Season with METASANTA! || 🤶 BUSD Rewards || ⛄️Trusted and Experienced Team || 🎉 Charities and Giveaways || ❄️ Fantastic Community || ⛷ Liquidity Locked || Audit Completed || Owner KYC Doxxed!! || 🛷 No “Team Wallet” || LIVE! 🚀🎄

Hold on to those Santa hats and ugly sweaters, For we are on a SLEIGH ride all the way to the stars!
Christmas time is officially here (yes, November 1st has come and gone), and we have the perfect project to spread that Yuletide cheer!
We have had 16 of Santa’s most trusted elves working around the clock, that have brought everyone something green to put in their chimney sock.
Cheer will indeed be spread in this season of cold weather, From iPhones won by holders To charity for those less fortunate that we can give altogether.
Santa is making his list and checking it twice, For this Christmas project is managed with integrity and cheer, that’s right!
So come join our merry band of Dad B0d SLEIGHers on Discord, on Reddit, on Telegram, on Twitter, On YouTube, on TikTok, on communities all over! (See what i did there)
More about MetaSanta
MetaSanta is not just another meme coin. It is a movement for the people, by the people & just in time for Christmas!
Part of the unique innovation of MetaSanta is that instead of enabling the marketing tax in the contract, the Marketing, Prize & Burn (MPB) Wallet will receive BUSD rewards along with the other wallets.
These rewards will be used to fund the project on an ongoing basis. The native tokens in the MPB Wallet are LOCKED. They cannot and will not be sold. We are rewarding our holders with passive income.
Liquidity has been locked to ensure we have the trust & safety our community deserves.
We have been audited by AuditRateTech to ensure our smart contract is safe and functions accordingly.
Along with verifying KYC & DOXXING to prove legitimacy.
Santa has surprise prizes and other gifts ready exclusively for holders, all year round!
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Here is the list of info for you to check twice, yourselves.
8% buy tax
-6% makes it snow in BUSD on holders
-2% gets iced into the Liquidity Pool
16% sell tax
-14% BUSD - even. More. Snow!
-2% to Liquidity
Owner KYC Doxxed
Contract Audit
No “team wallet”
Liquidity locked
Future utility and year round NFT’s in the works!
Future P2E and Metaverse in Santa’s list as well
Multiple Language Groups Incoming - Please Visit our Telegram Page for more info
Minimum wallet size is 75,000 tokens to receive BUSD rewards, so get in early while it’s cheap to do so!
Telegram Announcement Channel:
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2021.11.29 18:33 EoinJFleming Christmas presents

What's everyone getting the other half as a Christmas present?
Half looking for ideas, half wondering
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2021.11.29 18:33 CuteTrainer4976 Would like to add some green in home office

Would like to add some green in home office
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2021.11.29 18:33 Takia_Gecko BMW drivers are more likely to be psychopaths, study shows

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2021.11.29 18:33 TheLibertyLoft Amish work ethic trumps hypochondriac nation

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2021.11.29 18:33 katyatt So glad I just found this sub. Here’s some Walnut teefies

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2021.11.29 18:33 _ashfire I got the game a year ago from a friend. I thought it was as wholesome as it can get as far as cannibals finding friends go. Didn't know the game had any backlash/controversial history. Need fact checks, is yellow comments true?

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2021.11.29 18:33 white_boy_doyle Have yall ever skin grafted a fucking blunt before

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2021.11.29 18:33 WiseNature1 the most hellish time of year

black friday. and the holiday season, of course. this year, black friday at my store wasn't bad. it was busy, but customers were generally nice. still messy af though. something that's really stressing me out is the amount of online orders we're getting. at our store we have to fulfill online orders, and the day after black friday, we had 850 orders sitting in the queue waiting to be picked, processed, and shipped out (for comparison, our store's normal amount is 100-200, and even that is still a lot for us bc we're often shortstaffed as far as order fulfillment). almost passed out.
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2021.11.29 18:33 Lushac Glitch Text Effect using HTML and CSS

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2021.11.29 18:33 Sad-Paramedic4234 🔮FANTASY ARENA METAVERSE ⚔ The biggest P2E NFT game launch of this year! ⚔ On BSC🔮Fantasy Arena! We are a top trending NFT game on PlayToEarn for the last few weeks! We are a NFT Game where you are going to have to do battles against other players using your cards!

Welcome to Fantasy Arena! We are a top trending NFT game on PlayToEarn for the last few weeks!
We are a NFT Game where you are going to have to do battles against other players using your cards with the best strategy to win. These past weeks, the community was able to test the Pre-Alpha version of the game with very good results. The community is really excited and happy with our development and are looking forward to the release of the official Alpha version!
First the game will be released directly on the board, but we are working on the development of a Fantasy Arena METAVERSE, where there will be an open FANTASY world with villages, special zones, marketplace, Arena, etc. and you will be able to interact with other characters from all over the world, and you will be able to do card battles when you meet an opponent in the Metaverse. You will also be able to capture hidden NFTs or fight for them, as well as a game mode for betting Tokens that will fill the battles with excitement!
In order to fight in the battles, it will be necessary to own NFT cards, NFTs will be released by Editions and Seasons. The idea of Fantasy Arena is that each edition will be about characters from different games, comics and movies.
The name FANTASY ARENA means:
· FANTASY: imagination, no limits, that's why in our game you will be able to see your favorite characters from comics and other games!
· ARENA: Fight. I think, we, the real gamers always wonder how a fight between Wolverine and Spider-man would look like. Or Son Goku vs Hulk.
EDITION 1 is based on a collaboration with Vain Glory! A very limited edition with each NFT numbered. There are still some NFTs available in our Marketplace.
We come to revolutionize the P2E industry with a new system of sustainability and interaction. We have a team of expert developers in the industry and an unmatched strategy, you can read more about our SSS system in our Whitepaper.
We are a very transparent team and we want maximum security for our community. We have seen that 99% of NFT games launch their token before doing practically anything, looking for project funding based on the sale of the token, we believe that this is a big mistake because it does not give sustainability and security to the project, everything is based on the sale of those tokens. We do not depend on funding based on the sale of tokens and we prefer to develop the game and that the community can test it first in a Pre-Alpha version so they can see the commitment of the team and know that they are investing in a real project.
The community has been able to test the game and be happy with the results, we will proceed to open the Whitelist for a small private-sell where we will guarantee access to the owners of NFT, as a thank you for the support and belief in us from the first moment, plus other places of access for other members of the community who do not yet have any NFT. Once everything is done and the token is released, we will open access to a Staking plan: Staking with NFT and Staking with Token.
For more information we are waiting for you with open arms in our community!
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2021.11.29 18:33 wyrm419 Easy No-Bake Cannabis-Infused Cookies

With minimal ingredients and 30 minutes these Easy No-Bake Cannabis-Infused Cookies are the perfect go to snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth to no end. Filled with peanut butter, cocoa and oats, the flavor combination is a dream come true. Ingredients

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2021.11.29 18:33 Roykka Some help for preparing intrigue ?

I'm trying to prepare an intriguing adventure, and I've run into a bit of a snag, so I decided to ask around for some help. I had a talk with my players about the role of politics in Star Wars in general and in our games in particular. The general consensus was that it's something that should happen in the background and lead to the various adventures the party has. Ie. The party does not want to be the ones who'll send Senator Binks to negotiate with the pirates, they want to be the ones who'll keep Senator Binks alive in the attempt.
Problem is, when I tried to branch out to adventures about less overt action, I realized I'm not that good at the minutiae of intrigue. I've never really tried to prep it before, so I could use some ideas how to make it work in general, and how to make it sufficiently Star Wars.
Basically my idea is that the PC:s need to secure the position and co-operation of a local bigwig, while there is a would-be usurper hostile to the PC:s. Since neither side is in the position to oust the other one with overt violence, they are engaged in scheming. The idea was that the practical execution of the schemes and figuring out and foiling of the other party's schemes would fall upon the PC:s, culminating in the PC:s finding out about the bad guys' secret stronghold and infiltrating it to enable their allies to storm it, either to break their opposition or to recover some vital McGuffin.
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2021.11.29 18:33 cryd123 Aeancheon, Me, Digital, 2021

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2021.11.29 18:33 Kingscrubs12 Oh My iS tHaT tHoR

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