New Lightstrip

2021.11.29 17:43 theblueray2 New Lightstrip

Hello. I have a Lightstrip Plus and now I’ve bought a Gradient One, more right to my needs….
It seems it can be cut anywhere, depending on my measure. It is right?
Thank you in advance….
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2021.11.29 17:43 ReactionAndy Who is he talking too? LULE

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2021.11.29 17:43 Ready_Ambassador_121 Enticing

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2021.11.29 17:43 cloverborne Brace for a fun experience

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2021.11.29 17:43 charlesmoscowitz1 Holocaust Denial, Jewish Conspiracy on the American campus

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2021.11.29 17:43 tanakauout [Laptop] Dell G15 Ryzen 5600H Rtx 3050 15.6 1080p 8gb ddr4 3200 256gb nvme windows 11 $699 today 4pm est. Free shipping.

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2021.11.29 17:43 silkmatter 22 [M4F] Oregon/anywhere- I wanna find real love

Hey, I’m ian, I live in Oregon and I’m looking for my person as corny as that sounds, I know Reddit may not be the best place for this but I don’t think everyone’s person is always where they live. I’ve posted here many times before without any luck but I’m hoping I can still find someone.
I don’t have or want kids and I’m looking for a relationship with someone who also doesn’t have or want kids
About me:
•6’0 tall
•I love music and sports, I also love video games, anything creative, netflix, YouTube, anime, hanging out with friends, going on random adventures, traveling and lots of other things
•mostly introverted but I can be outgoing when I’m comfortable, I don’t like going to parties most of the time but I do love concerts and other things, I have social anxiety but once I’m comfortable I do better
•currently unemployed because an injury I’m trying to deal with, don’t worry I’m not lazy and unemployed by choice, in fact I love being active when I’m healthy
•I’d describe myself as kind, caring, funny, shy, affectionate, loyal, accepting, laid back
•I don’t take myself too serious, I love to joke and can take a joke This is what I look like, first few pics are most recent, I cut my long hair off recently
What I’m looking for:
•someone who can handle a long distance relationship until we are eventually able to meet up and my end goal would be to of course be in real life together in the future
•someone who is loyal and has trust and can be in a committed relationship and not cheat on me
•someone who loves music and has similar interests to me, don’t worry you don’t have to like sports lol
•someone who doesn’t take themself too seriously
•someone accepting and nice and loving and affectionate and caring
•someone who can joke around with me but also be lovey
I really want to find that amazing connection with someone where we are best friends but also a couple and be able to talk about absolutely everything together and have an unbreakable bond
If I sound like what you’re looking for, let’s chat and see if we click! Also please have pictures of yourself too because I do believe a physical attraction is really important in a relationship too
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2021.11.29 17:43 OfficialPYTseller PYT folders 2$ cheap for 50+ vids.✅Other offers come shop. Hml🔌dm

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2021.11.29 17:43 studygate101 HIRE ME FOR STATISTICS HELP

Hit me up discord: geniusstatistics#1821 Subjects that we cover include: * Intro Statistics, College Statistics, Business Statistics. * Pre-Algebra, College Algebra. * Pre-Calculus, Business Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3. * Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, Geometry.

I HAVE a vast knowledge and experience in statistical data analysis using softwares MINITAB, SPSS, STATA, Excel. Excellent grades guaranteed at affordable rates. discord: geniusstatistics#1821 Subjects that we cover include: * Intro Statistics, College Statistics, Business Statistics. * Pre-Algebra, College Algebra. * Pre-Calculus, Business Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3. * Finite Mathematics, Trigonometry, Geometry.
I HAVE a vast knowledge and experience in statistical data analysis using softwares MINITAB, SPSS, STATA, Excel. Excellent grades guaranteed at affordable rates.
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2021.11.29 17:43 ulatola Help pls, can I listen to more than one subliminal at the same time?

can i record two or more subliminal vids from yt and add them together in a vid so they play both at the same time will it still work? can the sub counsciss catch up to all the affirmations and understand them??? Plss tell me
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2021.11.29 17:43 Honey_Bear13 Gas stations in paralives

Ok in sims4 you can take vacations and travel to a different world, Little event cards pop up saying pet the wolf or runaway that’s just an example. What if in paralives you can take road trips to a different world or vacation world and a little card pops up saying “you’re running out of gas maybe you should head to the nearest rest stop aka gas station ” you click the option saying “ok” or click “pass by gas station” and when pull up to the lot you get a little cutscene seeing the parafolks take a parking spot,maybe stuff can happened during that cutscene like you get cussed out for taking a parking that somebody else was going after. You can also go inside the building purchase snacks and fuel your car back up. Your car can even have a possibility of breaking down on the road depending on what type of car model it is. I think that would be pretty cool, I don’t know if it would be even possible its just and idea for thought tho. Maybe it can be implemented somehow
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2021.11.29 17:43 HahaStoleUrName How is living in state and paying instate tuition cheaper than paying oos tuition?

Bro what
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2021.11.29 17:43 Chill-Relax-Music Relaxing Campfire Music 🔥 Camping in the forest 🌲 Guitar music 🎵 [01:01]

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2021.11.29 17:43 DavidUnbecky AGC is starting it's end of day run!

Idk why buyers like to buy right before market close with this stock but here we go XD
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2021.11.29 17:43 nietkees A National Stock Exchange That Supports NFTs? Welcome to Switzerland

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2021.11.29 17:43 burtzev Serious People Are Giving Serious Thought to Colonizing Mars

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2021.11.29 17:43 Garrafinhas What's the biggest stack of items in your inventory?

What's the biggest stack of items in your inventory? so i was wondering, what's the biggest stack of items in your inventory?
for me its this blue crystal that i have 7150 chunks of
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2021.11.29 17:43 Hefty-Leg4131 Bad Santa Token🎁- Presale tomorrow! Meet Bad Santa LIVE on video tonight & every day until Christmas for drinks & giveaways!🎄 Get on the nicelist (whitelist) now! 📝 Poocoin ads live! $25k Christmas Day giveaway! 🍻 Oh and there’s 7% busd rewards!

Bad Santa Token🎁- Presale tomorrow! Join Bad Santa LIVE on video call every day this December!🎄 Get on the nicelist (whitelist) now! 📝 Poocoin ads live now! 25 days straight of Advent Calendar giveaways 💵 $25k Christmas Day giveaway! 🍻 The biggest party of this Crypto Christmas period! Oh and there’s 7% busd rewards!

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Bad Santa couldn't give a fuck. He's just here to do what he loves most, get wasted and give out money!🎅🏻

Seriously, now's your chance to actually party with Santa…

Join BAD SANTA *LIVE ON VIDEO CALL* every day this December, while he crushes beers and spreads Christmas cheer! 🍺

PRESALE: 30TH NOVEMBER - Get your spot on the NICELIST now! (That means whitelist for all you morons out there)

Join our telegram and tell Bad Santa a joke! If he laughs, you’ll be placed onto the nicelist for the public presale TOMORROW on November 30th!🎅🏼

Join over 2,000 other eager Bad Santa telegram members and try secure your whitelist spot now before everyone comes running!

What’s so special about Bad Santa?

Well, he likes getting fucked up on video chat every single night with all of the beautiful Bad Santa Token holders in the Telegram group. What else? Well he likes GIVING AWAY ALL HIS CRYPTO!

So if you want to get drunk 🥴 with Bad Santa and let him unload his fat sack (of presents🎁) all over you then join the Telegram!
He’s giving out $BUSD & Bad Santa Tokens every single day!

The other way is to join in on the 25 DAYS ADVENT CALENDAR event! Every night Bad Santa will open the Advent Calendar, CHUG whatever’s inside 🍾, and read what the PRIZE is for the day!
What else…
OH! Just hold the fucking token and make 7% BUSD. Simple.

But am I missing something?
Yea, it’s legit. This isn’t some bullshit. Bad Santa aint fucking around.
We’re drawing it LIVE on Christmas Day 🎄 using a 3rd party website where EVERYONE can see the wallet address and that it’s a completely random FAIR draw.

How to enter? Hold 0.5bnb of Bad Santa Token on Christmas Day. All those wallets are entered.
Have multiple stacked wallets? Enter them. Santa doesn’t give a fuck.

For those degens wondering here’s the Tokenomics.

Total tax - 14%
7% - BUSD
4% - Presents (Giveaways)
3% - Liquidity

Make Santa laugh and get instant WHITELIST for PRESALE

Make Santa mad and get added to the Naughty List where you can suck coal you piece of garbage! 2000+ 2500+ (
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2021.11.29 17:43 bellsnwhistlez Christmas Gift - dating 3/4 months??

Hey all! TL;DR at the end.
I’ve (28f) been seeing someone (30m) for 3/4 months.
We care about each other a lot. However, we’ve agreed to take things slow and not rush into a relationship but things still feel pretty serious and we see each other nearly every other day.
Anywho, Christmas is coming up and he has been 1/2 jokingly, 1/2 seriously asking me for a particular item that costs at least $300. And because I’m the kind of person that enjoys spoiling the people I care about, part of me actually really WANTS to get him this gift. However the rational part of my brain is very hesitant. We’re still just dating. While I know I want to eventually be with this person long-term, I’m not sure if we’ll ACTUALLY get to that point.
Would I be doing too much if I got him this gift? I have other cheaper options I can get (I know he wants other things, but man this guy has expensive taste lol - that being said he’s quick to buy something he wants/likes), but his eyes light up and he gets so excited whenever he talks about this particular gift, and I just wanna make him happy.
But I also realize that we’re not even in an official relationship - serious or not, we’re only dating.
So I’m torn. What do I do?!
TL;DR: dating someone for 3/4 months. We’ve agreed to go slow and not rush into a commitment. He’s been expressing a high interest in a particular gift that’s over $300 for Christmas. I genuinely want to get it for him, but I worry that it may not be the best idea given our current status. Not sure what do do as I’m torn.
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2021.11.29 17:43 Solfaroiy ⚡ Wanamoon BSC Token | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | ownership renounced | $40k Jackpot Draw Today | Unique Tokenomics | Active Community in Telegram | Don't Miss This x100 Potential Gem


WANAMOON is a new token that rewards holders and new buyers with the opportunity to be entered in to a weekly JACKPOT draws! 50% of the jackpot goes to one holder paid in BUSD. The other 50% will be used to buy one of the hottest meme token of the week and distributed proportionately to qualified holders. You goto be in it to win it! Initially launching on BSC Blockchain, Wana Moon will then rapidly expand to other blockchains including ETH very soon!

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C

TL;DR ⚙️
⁃ Weekly Jackpot Token, first draw takes place
⁃ WanaMoon Contract Fully Audited by SolidProof
⁃ Team Fully Doxxed & KYC Verified
⁃ Liquidity will be locked
⁃ Full Dapp Release on Launch to track Jackpot Entires and Total Worth
⁃ Full Detailed aggressive marketing plan
⁃ BIG Token Partnerships in talks
⁃ Team with a detailed roadmap plan of execution

⁃ 1% reflection to all holders
⁃ 2% Weekly jackpot
⁃ 3% Buyback and auto liquify
⁃ 4% Marketing

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C
✨Pinksale Locked


⛓️ Website:
✉️ Telegram:
⚽ Twitter:
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2021.11.29 17:43 EddyRosenthal And Kenny thinks waiting is hard for us apes.

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2021.11.29 17:43 sparkmel_90 [Discussion] End of the year is coming, anything you wanna do before it ends? Anything you want to start/try in the new year?

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2021.11.29 17:43 StifflersBiDad Heading out to an FFA Meeting in my Jockeys

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2021.11.29 17:43 GODwOROSEOSTic 🧬Meta Shiba - Gem X100 Today 🧬 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🧬 Ready to Moon hard | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today!

🧬Meta Shiba - Gem X100 Today 🧬 | Stealth Launched 10 Minutes 🧬 Ready to Moon hard | 🔥 Small MC 🔥 | Marketing More Later Today!

🧬 Telegram:

🧬 Contract : 0x7b0d473446babdfa4b932fcfccc64f9bbce20e3b

🧬 Buy :

🧬 At the start of the plans are to grow a very strong and stable community through the use of Telegram and Reddit. Some paid promotion is in the works and hopefully the community can also band together to help the token out!

🧬 For the remainder of we will be working hard on getting everything developed, including; Discord server, Facebook, Instagram, a subreddit, and a youtube channel for informational videos on how to keep your assets safe. We will also be doing some marketing to help get more people on board, during this time period we plan on getting listed on CoinGecko and CMC. We will be exploring different possible use cases in this time period as well. We will be bringing in devs to help with future projects.

🧬 During we will be focused on marketing, and partnerships. We will be exploring many different use cases for our token. We will start looking into ways to promote our token use. We will also be looking for more people to bring onto the team, i.e devs, graphics designers, marketers.

🧬 During we will start development on tools to help flag risky tokens. Also potentially scan contracts that do not comply to best practices. This comes with the beta launch of the Exchange Platform!



🧬Total supply:

🧬 Tax Low



🧬 20K (Coinsniper Frist Page Boost, Gemhunter First Page Boost , CoinHunt Application) 🟢

🧬 25K (1 CMS Post Per Hour + 1 Random Hot Trend CMS) 🟢

🧬 30K (Twitter Influence on our road - Messiah!) 🟢

🧬 100K (Application & Listing on CoinGecko) 🟢

🧬 150K (Dextools top 3 Trend) 🟢

🧬 200K (Poocoin ADS) 🟢

🧬 250K (Application & Listing on CoinMarketCap) 🟢



🌐 Official Links

🌐 Telegram:
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2021.11.29 17:43 throwawayfake12 Environmental Scientist job review?

I (22,f) just graduated with my Bachelor’s in Biology in August. I love everything about the natural world so I think a career in ecology would be super cool, but I have a sweet spot for insects. For example working in biocontrol is in the top five for dream jobs. However this job would require me to get a masters degree which I am not prepared to do at this point in my life. I currently work as a laboratory analyst. It’s an alright job, I’m kinda using my degree, I feel cool in a lab coat, but it feels like the equivalent of a desk job. I’m just not really a microbio person.
I have an interview for a Project Scientist position. I’ve seen many many job postings just like this: someone who inspects/surveys a plot of land to be cleared to be commercially used. I’m assuming lots of paperwork. Can anyone out there who has/has had this type of job give me a review on it? It kinda sounds like another desk job just with site visits, which could make a significant difference in my happiness at work. For extra points, any advice for young scientists is appreciated. I unfortunately don’t have many academic mentors because the beginning of my senior year was around the beginning of the pandemic.
TL;DR Please give a review on working as a person who surveys land to be environmentally cleared for commercial use or any advice to a young scientist trying to establish a career
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