Tell me cool stories about you, I'm bored. :)

2021.10.21 23:57 SayNoToDill Tell me cool stories about you, I'm bored. :)

Who cares about me? I just wanna hear from you. :)
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2021.10.21 23:57 OliverMarkusMalloy 3 reasons why Donald Trump's new social media company is doomed to fail

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2021.10.21 23:57 HoxxAuthCode Saudi Arabia Sportswashing Itself Using WWE (2021)

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2021.10.21 23:57 dingos8mybaby2 [I felt like this belonged here] Just got into magic and I'm actually really enjoying it :)

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2021.10.21 23:57 bobi_7 FOCUS #Crypto #Blockchain #Trading

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2021.10.21 23:57 Used_Party_5777 This game is Trash!

All this game is now is a ton of cheating assholes that mess things up for us all! November 5th and you assholes can stop playing here comes the anti cheat
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2021.10.21 23:57 clutchymcgrady Steph Curry Gets His 25th First Quarter Points With a Three!

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2021.10.21 23:57 ScrootMcgoot What’s the worst thing to give out to trick or treaters?

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2021.10.21 23:57 whyusobsessedwithme im OBSESSED

a lil emo with a mullet
no, you don't understand, im OBSESSED
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2021.10.21 23:57 e_c_verra2 Is there a way to choose what Civ's Music you listen too?

So, im not sure if anyone else has run into this issue, but whenever I play civ, I always hear an opposing civ's soundtrack, and even when I defeat them, their music still continues to play. Is there a way to choose or limit the soundtracks you hear while playing?
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2021.10.21 23:57 NVKogaFett Ghostrunner Review

Ghostrunner Review If you like a challenging game and this one slipped through the cracks for you too. Definitely check it out.
Full review:
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2021.10.21 23:57 Peja1611 Director of Photography killed on set of Baldwin's new film, Alec allegedly involved in prop gun misfire

Per NPR Director also injured.
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2021.10.21 23:57 sividis [WTS] Tudor Black Bay Heritage

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2021.10.21 23:57 MileEnd76 Not only did they not fix Forsberg, they made him even worse by taking away his visor... His card gets it right, please fix it EA, it's so simple.

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2021.10.21 23:57 kirkwoodotto Shibank Inu ($SHIBANK) 🐶 - Top 10 CoinMooner - Low Marketcap 🚀 - x1000 gem 💎 - Fair Launched

Shibank Inu ($SHIBANK) is a BSC token with a guaranteed price floor and BNB distributed as dividends directly into our holders wallets. Our upcoming platform, NFT marketplace and merchandise store will provide a real use case for $SHIBANK
Buy here:
This token is waiting to explode. Due to our aggressive marketing, potential buyers are already up to date of this launch. The token characteristics are designed to have an unlimited rising peak. Providing as much as possible profit is our main goal. Next to receiving the token profit, our holders will also receive a reward in BNB.
To counter whales dump, we introduce you the selling limit. This will prevent huge sells
Our strategy is largely using TikTok, Instagram and paid ads. Our experienced marketing team built up networks over the years. That' s why they easily connect influencers (influencers TBA in Telegram group). These influencers having 250K+ followers.
✔️ BNB rewards for token holders
✔️ Exclusive NFTs
✔️ Aggressive Marketing
✔️ Auto liquidity for a stable and safe growth
✔️ Experienced marketing team using paid ads and influencers
✔️ Anti Dump Mechanism
✔️ Doxxed Team
✔️ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Buy link:
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2021.10.21 23:57 LappyGB How to stop Win11 moving user folders inside a "OneDrive" folder?

Hi there,
I don't use OneDrive and uninstalled it straight after installing Win11.
I noticed my desktop folder was being stored inside a OneDrive folder and not directly inside my User folder (User -> OneDrive -> Desktop, whereas for example the default downloads folder is User -> Downloads), now the default Documents folder is being stored in there as well. I managed to get the desktop folder directly inside the User folder by changing its location in properties but I'm getting an error when I try do the same with the Documents folder.
Anyone had this issue and know how to fix it? I just want all traces of OneDrive gone. :P When I delete the OneDrive folder Windows creates it fresh after a restart.
Only reason I noticed this was that I deleted the OneDrive folder in Users as I like to keep things clean, little did I know I'd completely wiped my desktop!
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2021.10.21 23:57 AliLevine 211021 Joy LYSN Update

Bubble message translations:

  1. hi y/n i just finished filming for today🤪
  2. woong woong mido hehe
  3. the weather got warmer but it’s still coldㅜㅜ
  4. when i wake up in the morning my throat is so dry and my face is swollen kk
  5. are you all okay?ㅜㅜㅜㅠ
  6. i felt so cold that i ate seonji haejankuk after a long time
  7. oh oh oh jet launch? wow!!!
  8. wow it’s amazing....
  9. wow i hope it succeedsㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  10. the last time i recommended a song everyone liked it so i got happy!!!!🥰🥰
  11. should i recommend again?
  12. BRB by Mahalia
  13. i like this song so muchㅜㅜㅜ
  14. no why is everything rbb kkkk
  15. anyways this is the type of voice that suits this kind of weather…💚
  16. when i want to listen to music i listen on various platforms but these days i listen on yt music?? you can listen to not very famous musics and remix versions easily!!!
  17. i like apple music too!!
  18. i like everything heheh, don’t be disappointed if we don’t buy the same thing ㅜㅜ
  19. i’m gonna rest nowㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  20. everyone eat properly laterㅜㅜ!
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2021.10.21 23:57 jacleric Photography by Erin Elizabeth Kelly

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2021.10.21 23:57 alex6219 Plex loses remote access when connected to a VPN?

Whenever I connect to my VPN (cyberghost), my plex loses remote access. How do I fix this?
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2021.10.21 23:57 Rikoca My first time

I came back upstairs and laid back next to Semira, and I began kissing her. Semira told me to put the movie on play. And thankfully that was the right moment to do that because Semira’s mom tried facetiming her while I was at the disc player. I came back after that episode and resumed cuddling with her. I remember kissing her again, and I unbuttoned her shirt. Semira got on top of me and rubbed her lower body against my pants for a few minutes. I asked her to suck on me, which she did, however it hurt for her because of jaw issues.
I think after that I pleasured her and myself. I didn’t think I would be able to climax two times, however I kept trying anyway. After a while Semira asked if she wanted me to pleasure herself but I kept pleasuring her myself, and after a while I got to my limit and sorta stood up and she put the tip of me inside her mouth while I climaxed. I sat back down and asked if she wanted to go to the restroom to spit it out, but she said she already swallowed it.
It somehow moved on to me going down using my tongue on her regional area extremely inefficiently. I believe I went back up and just continued pleasuring her with my hand. I made her climax around 17 times using my hands.
After that we just cuddled and passionately reminded each other of the other’s presence heartAnd we danced :)heart sparkling_heartThe song was Luther Vandross - If only for one night sparkling_heart 3-23-18heart
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2021.10.21 23:57 HotColor double pickup vs singe pickup

What do y’all think about the whole double vs single pickup debate. I hear so many mixed opinions on it.
Some people say adding a second pickup adds more pull from the magnets on the string, making the tone worse if you only use one pickup anyways.
I’m leaning towards two pickups as i think the versatility is worth it for when i need it. Just not sure if the string pull actually affects the tone.
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2021.10.21 23:57 Go_Go_Buffalo Help with worker unity please

Hi everyone.
I'm in my late 30s and have had just about every entry-level job one could have. Recently I started working at a distribution center for grocery stores and have overheard multiple people complaining about how much "this place sucks".
Having never been in a union, and being new to this job... How do I advance the idea of unionization?
Also, I am pretty introverted and have a hard time talking to people so pointers on what to say when engaging with co-workers about the need to unionize would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.21 23:57 BiancaToyofuku [FOR HIRE] 2 Commissions slots open! [ character design and illustration ] More info's below!

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2021.10.21 23:57 sonos_agmen fake

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2021.10.21 23:57 General-Explanation It’s just a bicep

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