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I know that they’ve been playing some shows in Vegas recently, but was wondering when they might return to cities like DC, NYC, etc. Maybe in 2022?
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2021.10.21 23:27 pomoZoro Uplift - Second damaged desktop in a row, overall poor quality control

First desktop was completely broken, likely in shipping by FedEx. Uplift customer service offered a replacement at no cost and, after initially sending a tracking number for the wrong size replacement, managed to deliver a replacement desk top after a week or so. That was nice of them but it cost me a couple of hours in time and a dump fee to get rid of the first desktop.
The replacement desktop has a clean straight scratch through the finish about 2/3rd of the way across the top. The box was also damaged in shipping but it looks more like the scratch occurred in the manufacturing process or maybe was returned by someone who scratched it and quality control missed it on the reship.
I’m tempted to just suck it up and accept it knowing I will never deal with this company or recommend them again. We bought another desk from them at the same time and it also has minor surface imperfections. Not worth mentioning, but a pattern for sure. I worked in the furniture industry for 20 years and I can only imagine the struggles they must have with the supply chain and labor shortage right now.
I can sympathize but I don’t have time to wrangle them on the phone, take another desk top to the dump, wait, assemble, etc. it’s a desk for working… and it’s a busy time for us. It’s also embarrassing to think they might suspect I’m trying to exploit their customer service. It’s a pain.
Just wanted to vent a little and share the experience to see if anyone else has dealt with repeat quality control issues from Uplift.
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Not talking about someone like Roger Egbert.
Movie reviews that are popular and have a unique perspective to offer.
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I like this girl and we get along well, but I can't manage to get too close to her because she usually has people around her and I don't wanna butt in. I promised I was gonna tell her last month but chickened out. I asked my friend for advice and he hasn't gotten back to me and Im not going to tell her through text because I think it's better to be face to face. I think my brain is procrastinating it and using the fact I don't know when or where to tell her as an excuse. I'm just lost as to what to do
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I know what they say....what do you say?
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2021.10.21 23:27 dushy-2102 FNAF Solved ( well kind of)

I won't claim that I have solved FNAF completely but I have tried a different approach to solve it. I have not play any of the games niether I have read any of the novels or faglear frights book. The only source of information I had were game theory episodes on FNAF by Matthew Sir, Summary/plot of all three novels and Fazbear frights books at FNAF-the-novel fandom.com and to some extent Freddy files updated edition (currently I have completed only FNAF 1 from that book). Therefore, there are some chances that I might get something wrong but I think I have solved it atleast to some extent or at least provided new insights to the whole franchise.
In one of his FNAF theories titled "Game Theory: FNAF, The FINAL Timeline (FNAF Ultimate Custon Night) Matthew Sir said that while making that timeline, he adhered to three rules, one of which was that he gave priority to latest information by Mr. Scott than older one in case both contradicts and while I think it was a really good approach, I thought that even Mr. Scott would have thought about such issues. Probably that's the reason, why Mr. Scott in FNAF Help wanted made every previous game "just a game", an elaborate -cover up. So I took a different approach & I looked at the series as if the whole series came out at once, everything was planned and everything, every detail was intended by him. Therefore I am posting this theory(ies) to keep my point of view towards the series in front of you.
Disclaimer: As I have mentioned earlier, it is just my point of view, somethings can be outrageous to some FNAF fans who knows lot more than me, therefore, I would like to apologise in advance and offer a suggestion that if you read this post just as if you don't know anything about FNAF or in a light way or open way, it will probably make it enjoyable. I Hope that you will like it.
• 3 Universe hypothesis -
• After FNAF Help wanted, we got to know that all the previous games were just games "an elaborate cover up" by Freddy Fazbear Entertainment. I think that FNAF is actually happening in three different universes. The game universe where games takes place, FNAF universe where actual events took place and our universe. A thought that came into my mind was, what if all the previous games were also VR games but instead of us playing them it was someone else whom we played as. This alligns with everything what tape girl said and even proves that glitchtrap was present in the games since FNAF 2. Just imagine, A game dev probably oswald ( from into the pit) created a game on murders in Fazbear pizzeria. Later they(fazbear entertainment), hire him to create further games, then he created FNAF 2, 3, sister location, Pizzeria Simulator, UCN and Help wanted. Fazbear entertainment gave them circuit boards which they scanned in the games releasing glitchtrap and Golden Freddy. OK I know, it looks farfetched but hear me out. During FNAF VR curse of dread bear, Matthew sir mentioned about a play through where a person threw three darts on three different clown pictures and suddenly the game gets possessed by golden freddy with banner of It's me on the top. Similarly, even he found a shadow freddy during his play through but were never explained. what if those were an indication that cassidy and probably even crying child possess the games along with William. Remember, I said it was in FNAF 2 when they used circuit boards, well, when that game was released every one thought that shadow freddy and shadow bonnie were ghosts of previous employees but what if they were original glitchtrap and golden freddy trapped in the game and FNAF 2 is the same game that beta tester Jeremy from FNAF vr help wanted(hw) who sliced its own face and FNAF 2 is the only place where Jeremy name was used and not only that in that game bonnie was missing its face just like Jeremy cut it but not only that we can also tell the ending he got in the game he got merge ending from FNAF VR H.W. where we got stuffed in freddy but Jeremy gets stuffed in bonnie
• Mike and Michael are two different entities.
• Explaining Jeremy was the easier part because it is really gonna get complicated. I think that Mike that we games play as in all the game is not michael .Michael probably do exist but he is not whom we play as.Now, I didn't explained how FNAF minigames entered the picture previously but now I can, in case of Jeremy, William was the one who was able to possess him and we got trapped in the game but in case of mike I think that it was actually golden freddy who possessed him with glitch trap just being Trapped in Mike's brain trying to gain control and this is the best way to explain minigames. The minigames are actually occuring in the mind of mike probably just as dreams but till FNAF 2 and 3. Previously, when I mentioned the games created by that game dev I didn't mentioned FNAF 4 because it could possibly be niether a dream nor a hallucination but that same memory hopping that larsen experienced during epilogues in Fazbear frights books probably by spirits one controling minigames other controlling game we play. I am saying this because it doesn't make sense that a ·company will make fun of a tragedy in such a specific way like how do they know that what crying child saw during his dream or coma. It is not that nightmare animatronics were a game thing as in Ultimate custon night they had death lines that only FNAF 4 kid can relate to the which makes me think that it was all williams, cassidy's and probably crying child's (I am not sure about crying child) spirit trying to get control on mike's brain. This means that at this point spirit have gone strong enough to make things look real instead of just the minigame which makes us question what were the things that were real in the play through of Sister location, pizzeria simulator and Ultimate custom night. Both sister location, Pizzeria simulator had multiple ending. The FNAF 3 also had good and a bad ending but of course since good ending makes ties in with Minigames in FNAF3, Probably it is easy in that case to explain that bad ending was the in-game ending. In sister location, it is really hard to tell which one happened actually and which one is an in-game ending but I think the ending in which michael got scooped was the in-game ending while in which ennard follows us to our house is the real one because I believe, the minigames, the michael's ending speech and every cut scene where we saw michael watching 'inmortal and the restless' were again part of memory hoping. I know this sounds wierd but seriously think about it. Why would a company to cover up its dark past make a part in the game about a not related soap opera. Scooper ending makes more sense as at one point police and media would have found about scooper and in order to escape from the situation or make light of it. Fazbear Entertainment included it in the games as a joke, also in that ending, we are not shown ennard properly just as a silhouette as if they don't know how it actually looked but in the other ending we actually saw it properly with his limping walk in the room. FNAF 6 is more easy to explain as I think, that the simulator portion of the game was an actual game while the salvage game and other miniganes were again dream or memory hoping. In case of endings according to me the mediocrity, bankrupty, blacklisted ending were in game while Lore keeper, completion, insanity were real endings due to the fact that in fire, every thing should have burnt down with no evidence of any blue prints as in insanity ending would have remained intact especially recordings of henry that plays during the scene. Ultimate custon night is also easy as in that case death lines and chica cut scenes( not completely but of course as a story element or a dream) are the only thing that happen in the reality rest of the game is probably just a game. Although during old man consequences cut scene we hear william suffering in background screaming Mike, this part really gave me some hard time but I guess it can be explained in the sense that both cassidy and afton were trying to gain control over Mike but eventual cassidy was able to gain control and torment William within the bounds of Mike's brain. Hence, him asking Mike to for help because it is his brain. ( because seriously why would he scream mike if he in hell or in hospital tormented by cassidy, its not like michael could help him there)
How All the Books fits in the game lore
Mr. Scott had released many books in this series saying that they are canon but not directly connected to games. Therefore, many theorists as pointed out by Matthew six in many of his videos completely disregard them as way to solve FNAF but I don't think so. What if just like the games, the books are also a part of the cover up, which means that sure they don't fit a puzzle pieces but there might be come details that happened in reality for eg. we got to know from fazbear frights into the pit that missing children's incident happened in 1985 but it is not the first time 1985 was used. The very first novel the silver eyes took place in 1995 and book clearly said that it took place after 10 years of missing children's incident making the incident happening again in 1985. This made me think that just like in real when an incident happens we have games, movies, stories inspired from them probably in FNAF universe the same thing happened. This makes every wierd story or instance that we found in the books well, justified as just stories. This includes all the fazbear brights books, novels and even survival logbook( I will explain it in a bit).I am not sure about freddy files but they could be just notes of a detective who was working on a mystery but again I am not sure.
How survival logbook is part of game lore
Ok ,now you are gonna know the origin story of this whole theory. Once on internet I found a really wierd theory i guess it was on youtube that crying child is the vengeful spirit. He asked why would Mr. Scott use he pronoun for cassidy or how can cassidy possess both survival logbook and golden freddy at the same time and then even william, according to him, it makes more sense if cassidy possesses the survival logbook and crying child possess golden freddy and be the vengeful spirit. Now, I personally don't believe in this theory, I still think it can only be cassidy and i guess Matthew sir really explained use of he pronoun pretty well but the second point really made me think. Believe it or not this is the question that made me aolve FNAF ( again kinda). I came up with a really interesting solution for it like what if Cassidy and crying child are not possessing the logbook but mike and everything detail that we see in the book is him imagining and we seeing through his eyes. This made me reach to the points that I explained earlier you know mike and michael being different people and william ,cassidy and crying child all three of them possessing game. It even answers his question. Since, the cover up happened after fnaf 6 fire, all three of them possessed circuit boards which gets later scanned for fnaf games and then later mike played those games gets possessed by them and it is at this point that logbook comes into the timeline so the problem proposed by him got solved and in turn this question help me solve the whole series. Oh btw, there was a small thing in survival logbook that never got explained why mike would cut his own name on the first page. Well this explains even that it was william geting him cut his own name so that it is easier for him to gain control over mike as of course like in a real life situation, it was him trying to make him forget his identity and william can take over him. So, basically logbook can be just a simple kids activity book, a part of cover up.
Why it is always we as a security guard in the game
Remember, Matthew sir's first theory where he said that we play as the killer seeing our past deeds as nightmare. What if he was right. In the novels, we are told that it was actually william who was the killer but it was henry who was convicted in the missing children's incident and therefore, committed suicide. What if in the games a person who was convicted for the murders was actually a security guard. Remember, in games it was never told that William is the killer and Henry wasn't even mentioned even once( if insanity and lore keeper endings were just memory hopping)so it also makes sense that somehow the security guard was the one who was convicted for the murders and since he didn't knew anything about the dead bodies , they were never found. Probably, Henry left the town after so many tragedies and only came during fnaf 6 ending in the games. There is nothing earth shattering in this paragraph but you know just for emergency.
Fruity maze minigame girl is Charlie not Susie
Ok, I know this is going to be really really rage inducing but hear me out. I have used that same approach, taking every detail into consideration. FNAF 6 was believe it or not all about puppet's origin and I think fruity maze minigame was all about how charlie was lured by William. In case you don't believe me just look at other minigames they were all about charlie and that tragic day, even midnight motorist. Whether you think orange guy is Henry or William, we all can agree that it is portraying that night ( as explained by Matthew sir). So why would the first minigame will be about someone who even died on the whole another day and is not even related and this is a pattern even Mr. Scott has followed. All FNAF 2 minigames were about missing children's incident, FNAF 3 all about those children getting free from their animatronic prisons, FNAF 4 all about crying child and FNAF 5 all about afton family. So until unless Susie and Charlie are related susie can't be the minigame girl. In case you are still not convinced I have some more proves too. In ultimate custom night chica's cut scenes, chica told about different methods how william lured his victims of course only two were important window one and the dog one. But one was about the other person ( crying child) then why the other one would be about her even when she is not like a more important person to die. Also susie is always shown to die in the backroon along with others then why outside all of a sudden. In case you still don't believe me, remember at the end of that game there was a sound of car horn and as far as i know there has been only one murder in which car was important - charlie's. Now I know many can say that in the novels susie was the one who is shown with the dog but it is not like she can be the only one to own a dog and if my theory of novels being a part of a cover up is true it can be another sort of misdirect or just a story factor. So its all on you, whether you are against me or with me. NO PRESSURE!!
Mustard man is Henry and crying child is henry's son
I guess I don't need to explain why mustard man is Henry because again Matthew sir gave a really good explanation for it and kind of the second point too but there is something that confirms this point. MANGLE. We all know that the dog in fruity maze minigame is mangle but that is not the only time that dog showed up in a minigame it was also present in fnaf 4 minigame where we were shown girl's room. Another proof that fruity maze minigame girl can't be susie as susie died in 1985 during missing children incident and whether you think its Elizabeth room or charlie's it can't be be susie as both of them died before 1983. I actually wanted to use it as a proof for charlie being fruity maze girl but I started that first so, I AM SORRY for that. Why I think its charlie . Well, why would william experiment on a dog and bring it home and that to leave it his daughter room . I mean I know he is a serial killer but still its not like he has no children if crying child is really his son who is terrified of animatronics why would he leave it in his own daughter's room but if its Charlie and the dog is Henry's then probably he would have found mangle and brought it back as a memory of her daughter's loss. Again, rest Matthew sir explained perfectly.
FNAF 3 and FNAF 6 fire are the same fire
Another rage inducing one but again hear me out. Now, I don't know if anyone asked this question or not but we don't know a lot about FNAF 3 fire. We don't even know who started it but another question that we ask our selves is well william was able to escape from the fire but he was not alone in FNAF 3 fire along with him both michael and puppet were in there so how were they able to escape and well even william when escaped had severe burns on him and was admitted to a hospital so is it really possible that michael wasn't shown either in the newspaper or or in any hospital and then he agian tries to burn himself in FNAF 6 fire. I doesn't make sense right. This made me think that what if FNAF 3 fire was a game stand in for the FNAF 6's real fire. I mean FNAF 3 fire was really mysterious. Like what are we supposed to assume that a company will talk vaguely about one fire but will show literally everythingh about the other(fnaf 6) one. This again proves my previous point that completion ending was a part of memory hopping. In case you don't believe me just think about it in that building there were 6 characters during the fire :- william, michael, henry, scrap baby, puppet and molten freddy. Well if fnaf 6 fire was a labyrinth with no escape, scrap baby and molten freddy would have melted down. Henry would have died. William was able to escape. Michael well would have died but since he was on a job there might be some documentation that says he works there, so michael being in fnaf 3 fire could be because of that. Puppet is a little bit easy but also difficult like it is only possible if some part him was left like probably his mask( face) otherwise it wouldn't make sense to include him in fnaf3 fire. Basically, fnaf 3 fire was a game stand in for fnaf 6's real fire.
1983 and 1987 bites were the same bite icident one was in game while other one real:- ( another rage inducing one)
I would like to explain this with an example. Sometime ago, Matthew Sir on his film theory channel made a video on a series called Walten Files which is really really cool and no offense to the creator of that series but we all can agree that it is kinda inspired by FNAF. This same thing is seen happening in the games too. The games too seems to be inspired not directly imitating the scenario and that is the key. The reason I brought up walten files is that it really similar events as in fnaf but happening in different years. What if this is also happening in the games. Like bite of 87 is just a game stand in for bite of 83. Seriously, I mean why would a franchise use same springlock suits after a tragedy like 1983 till 1987 just so that same thing happens again and then restrict their movements to night time. Believe it or not , it also explains why the pizzeria will be in lockdown during fnaf 2 ,as charlie also died around 1983 so it was probably because of that and not due to another set of murders.
Some details that I found interesting and can help solve timeline and even the whole frachise but didn't made a complete theory
From fourth closet In this novel's summary, I found a running mention of a ball pit that starts with a tube maze Which made me think of security breach trailer. I thought that it can be a sign that both locations are same but I didn't found anything else except roxanne the wolf and twisted wolf animatronic connection between the novels and game.
From Fazbear Frights books Well, in 10 book, friendly face Mr. Scott said that the main character edward and jack named their cat Faraday after Michael Faraday and this one detail just stucked out like why mention it. So I went back and saw all the stories again and basically took their story name to find any name that can be common with fnaf characters. Well what I found was really interesting. I just want to mention it that there were instances when one name showed name connection with more than one character. Therefore, I have mentioned just the ones that suited story characters personality best, disregarding others as just coincidences.
Book 1 - Into the pit
To be beautiful- locket used by baby to alter the appearance could be a story stand in of illusion disc or it might be one. ( I don't know if anyone noticed it, so I thought let's just mention it.) Count the ways - again I don't know if any one noticed it but in this story we were told that Millie's family is joke because of failed 'projects'. Projects, in a story about funtime freddy killing a kid there is a mention of projects making a clear connection between Millie's and Afton's family because remember in sister location each and every photo was labelled projects. We never got the name of her grandfather ( atleast I didn't found it in the summary) therefore I cannot confirm it but thought to point it out just in case.
Book 2- fetch
Lonely freddy- remember what I said in the para explaining fazbear frights book. Well, this is the first instance. Remember Alec, how we all think that he a combination of Michael and crying child. Well on google what i did was write the name Alec and substituted every important name from series like Michael, William ,Henry ,Emily ( surname of henry), Elizabeth, Evan ( more on that in a little bit. Just read the whole post) etc. as part of name and Alec gave the name of an Australian coach name Alec Evans.( Crying child's suspected name)
Book 3- 1:35 am
1:35 am - Howard, ex husband of Delilah showed name with both William and Emily. Howard William( author), Emily Howard ( British composer) Room for one more- remember how Stanley showed a lot of similarities with Michael. Well, even his name shows it, Michael Stanley ( American songwriter) and spoiler alert this pattern will follow for everyone i mentions.
Book 4 Step Closer
Step closer Pete - Pete Mickeal (suspiciously like Michael) ( American basketball player) Chuck - Chuck Evans ( american football player) Dance with me - In this story, there was nothing special except ballora - motherhood connection so I tried just writing Sarah( name of mother in rhe story) on google and let autocomplete finish it. Since we don't know a lot about mrs. Afton I wasn't sure what to do with it. The only relatable name I was able to able to find was Sarah Michelle Geller as Michael could have been named after her mother you know Michelle- Michael. Isabella - Elizabeth Isabella spence( novelist).
Book 5 bunny call
I honestly didn't found any connection. Man in room 1280 was just the only connection with William which we all know very well.
Book 6 black bird
The real Jake- the story that made us suspect that evan is the name of crying child as the father had brother named Michael but it doesn't end there. There were a lot of similarities between Jake and crying child and again his name shows it. Jake Evans ( canadian ice hockey player)
Book 7 the cliffs
The cliffs- Robert ( father), this one really surprised me because the name I got was not Robert Henry but Robert William (actor) because the way Robert is in the story, he looks like more like Henry. Even his son tyler was taken by a car just like charlie in the games. So it was really surprising. Tyler - again unexpectedly, Tyler Evans ( film producer) was the names that popped up. ( Unexpected because I suspect that Evan is Henry's son)
Book 9 the puppet carver
The puppet carver Jack(boss)- William Jack Poulter ( actor) Porter- I didn't found any connections with Henry in the name as they show in character so i thought Mr. Scott would have had fun with it since you know Henry Porter kind of reminds you of 'Harry Potter'.
Pizza kit- Payton - Michael Payton( football player)
Book 10 Friendly face
Sea bonnies - Mott - Michael Mott ( musical artist) Rory - weirdly, this was the only story which had two brothers but name rory had no connection whatsoever. The only one.
Book 8 gumdrop angel What we found- Hudson, a clear Michael connection and again, Michael Hudson( economist) Sergio's lucky day - I thought to check this name to because the way everyone repelled him because of the thing he did for the party made me compare him with Michael and again Michael Sergio (actor) came up. Gumdrop Angel- Now, till this point, many of you would be thinking that about it as just coincidences. Like big deal there are 7 billion people millions of them are famous, so names matching with each other has really great chances to occur and I totally agree with you but this one story changed everything. Angel - I didn't found any real life person with connection to fnaf but I found an angel probably from bible or from Greek mythology I not sure but that angel's name was Michael. Myron - William Myron Keck ( entrepreneur) Ophelia - Now again, I didn't found any real life person but I did found a painting named Ophelia of/by ( I am not sure if this painting is 'of her' or 'by her') a woman named Elizabeth Siddal ( artist, [probably by]) and that's not all Elizabeth even has a middle. Ready for this, her middle name was ' Eleanor'. When I found this I was shocked, this was the point that made it all intentional from just being a coincidence. Seriously, think about it what are the chances of finding a combination of a fnaf character name, story name, and name connected to the animatronic she possess and that too from a completely different story from a completely different book. It is too precise to be a coincidence. Probably, Mr. Scott truly is a genius.
I never thought that I will make a timeline but I really don't have any other choice. Now just letting you know that I have used fazbear frights book to solve some problems. This timeline will be in the form of a story. I won't be saying anything about mrs. Afton or mrs. Emily as we have no clue about them nor for William's motivations, I won't give any reason for ballora. It will be based on my theory not conventional thinking so if you disagree with me pls. Don't waste your time but if you are here for fun then welcome aboard.
Sometime in 1970s, a businessman named william started a business restaurant or probably pizzeria with mediocre melodies crew( probably including chica too) ( probably fredbear's family diner) with henry being a struggling animatronic designer working under william. Not doing great as the cost of maintenance of animatronics was a lot. It is at this point that he finds out that human emotions have the power to make anything come alive (agony being most powerful but I don't think it was proposed by Henry.) probably by happiness. He kept this in front of William and william being intrigued by it ( probably thinking of selling animatronic on the basis of it or more reasonable one, wanted to experiment and further improve this technology to make a immortal serum to either become immortal or sell that formula to become rich) asks Henry to make animatronics with that formula - The funtime animatronics. After Henry finished his work, William modified them to capture kids as experimenting on them is much more easier. He made circus baby's claw and installed it in. And the circus baby Pizza world opened. On the first day of opening, Elizabeth gets scooped. At this point noone knows that she possesses baby and this made William close the business. Evan saw this happening and tells probably Henry what he saw which makes Henry confront William about it but it was of no use. Henry probably thought that William will feel guilty and not do such a thing again. At this point, william knows that Evan saw everything and while Henry won't say anything as he was a business partner and won't say anything because he has created those animatronics and can get arrested,Evan can spill out the truth. They opened freddy's fazbear pizzeria ( fnaf 1) where William tries to kill Evan. Henry noticing this, locks Evan in his room and makes puppet to protect him and charlie, when he is busy with work. He creates psychic friend fredbear to keep check on him and keep inducing fear in him to avoid him going in pizzeria. During someone's birthday party, William took advantage of the moment seeing, Henry busy and goes to his house near Evan's window to lure him out and succeeds making him follow him to the pizzeria. There in pizzeria both charlie and her dog are present. He reaches to pizzeria and finds that Evan has reached first seeing he shadow in the back or side of pizzeria after stabbing him he realises that he has accidentally killed Charlie. Charlie's dog starts barking at him, worrying that someone will come hearing the dog he runs the car over him killing him too. He decides to take both the dead bodies to the lab for probably experimenting or just to hide them. But seeing security puppet coming he was only able to get the dog and just leaves. Charlie possess the puppet and leaves. Later, he finds the dog in the form of mangle moving making him realise that william is experimenting with his research and therefore to avoid any more experiments takes mangle back to house.
Henry devastated by this, in his guilt, completely devotes him to work or went away for sometime making michael responsible for evan. Unknown to everything, michael just keeps scaring him again and again. And one day, he takes him to pizzeria and shoves him in the mouth of golden freddy springlock animatronic killing him in the process. This makes fnaf 1 location to shutdown and springlock suits to get banned. And Evan possesses golden freddy. Meanwhile, in 1982 or in 1983, before bite of 83, but after charlie's death opens fnaf 2 location with toy animatronics and original fnaf 1 crew still working in fnaf 1 location which get shutdown after bite of 83. After which they get transferred to fnaf 2 location. In 1985, he comes to fnaf 2 location in disguise of golden bonnie and kills five kids in the backroom making everyone see it. In the chaos, he was able to escape from the scene. At night, he returns back to take dead bodies of children but finds out that puppet and mangle followed him there. Puppet takes toy freddy to stop William but he came prepared and tampers with animatronics which makes toy chica attack him making chica's beak stuck on Williams forehead forcing him to escape without bodies making chica without her beak. Puppet to make the kids happy, gives gifts but it doesn't work then seeing mangle realises that might stuffing them in the animatronics will give them new life. The problem is that it only works at night that means they cannot work during the day. They possesses the animatronics. Cassidy's body wasn't found by puppet therefore wasn't given life but still possessed golden freddy because she was killed on her birthday, her happiest day and therefore was more angry. The next day, the security gaurd was arrested because probably after Henry he was the only one who knew where springlocks were kept and probably he didn't came the previous day increasing the suspicion. Probably Henry knew that it could be only William to do such a thing, but didn't said anything because of above mentioned reasons and let security guard get convicted and sends the spring lock suits and fnaf 1 animatronics back to fnaf 1 location and scraps toy animatronics.
I literally just noticed something so just putting it in right now the reason why there was no toy foxy could be that it was one animatronic Evan was most afraid of because Michael used to scare him in his mask.
Thanks to puppet now William knew that his murdered children can possess animatronic by themselves. Which makes him go back to fnaf 1 location where he finds out that its true. He dismantles everyone to take out their dead bodies to experiment on them. But they came out as ghosts scaring him and forcing him to spring bonnie suit where he get springtrapped and all spirit gets rest except crying child and cassidy who possesses William and not let him die. When henry finds about it, he seals him in saferoom not letting him escape. At one point, Henry realises that the only to end all of this is to burn everything up. He tells Michael about everything and make him go to their lab where baby and everyone is present and help them to escape so that they can reach to fnaf 1 location on time. Michael does what he was asked , make them escape the sister location. They reach fanf 1 along with puppet ( lefty) and scrap baby, molten freddy, lefte, henry , michael, william all get burned to death. Except william where he was able to escape and Cassidy didn't let him die and makes him suffer leading to man in room 1280. Fazbear entertainment get new owner who in order to start the business tries to make an elaborate coverup by releasing various games, novels, books and activity security log book but uses old circuit boards containing Cassidy's, William's and Evan's soul which get passed to games and then to game testers making Jeremy cut his face, Mike getting possessed by Cassidy and become a tool to torment william and vanessa getting possessed by william to possibly kill at her place.
Why I think Elizabeth dying was the first event in the series-
Now, at this point, there are only five potential events that started the timeline. Missing children incident, charlie's death, Evan's death, Elizabeth's death and birth of mangle. Since, we now know that missing children incident ( mci) happened in 1985 after bite of 1983 and mangle was already created before bite of 1983 we can say that it is niether mci nor bite of 1983. At this point, only 3 possible events are left. Since, mangle and charlie died the same day as we mentioned above, it only makes sense that Elizabeth was the first one to die because I mean why would Henry create puppet to only protect only his kids and not as a security system for everyone and even for that there has to be a murder or why wouldn't he just hire someone as a security guard. This is why think that it is Elizabeth who died first.
This is probably the most detailed way I could solve fnaf. In order to keep it small, i didn't explained everything but I guess you all are smart and patient enough to notice them. Of course, I would have probably missed a lot of things and there might be some points that i would have missed in timeline. I covered only major part of the story. There is only one drawback to this theory that it doesn't explain the chewing gum part of the survival logbook, I tried really hard but wasn't able to fit it in any way but I still hope I didn't wasted your time and you enjoyed reading my post.
Thank you for reading, Dushyverse.
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