Another dub boys

2021.09.28 16:15 TERR1TORYman Another dub boys

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2021.09.28 16:15 UnderstandingThat664 ITU Molecular Biology And Genetics Student Club Congress

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2021.09.28 16:15 RitzLover37 Yuri found Sanford looking at..stuff of her

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2021.09.28 16:15 hyst3rick We, as designers, are color harvesters. We collect and curate colors to use in our creations.

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2021.09.28 16:15 DarkFalcon- Recommendations for a Wordpress theme for shopping malls?

Looking for a shopping mall theme but can’t find any decent ones. Suggestions?
Would be much appreciated!
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2021.09.28 16:15 nodonationsplease Should I get the Porsche 959?

At 1057-1100, It completely kills my Cadillac ATS, however I still managed to get to elite league by some driving skills ig xD
I want to get it ngl, the accel may come in handy for beating even low rank atoms and audi r8s
View Poll
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2021.09.28 16:15 lasagneking007 The Next Generation Of Powerful Tiny Ryzen Desktops Is Here!

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2021.09.28 16:15 Affectionate-Rub-346 🐗LuckyPig🐗 | Launch today | Don’t miss your opportunity 🚀 LP LOCKED 100%

Are you bored of getting dumped on by reward tokens?🤔
LuckyPig, the Bsc token we all need right now! Let's bring the old Bsc era back with a pinch of hot features to avoid dumps👀🐗
📊 Contract: 0x9d84aa9fa1e9366f296db1a6e8d2f7849df79c34
📊 Website: Under Construction
LuckyPig will bring NFT, Lottery/Jackpot concepts together on a contract with low taxes🔥
Our Team is building an Online Casino which will be pegged with our token.🎰
We aim to build a long term project with the help of a strong community and use cases that will bring our holders the most value possible.
⚡Short Roadmap:
📌 Jackpots and Lotteries
📌 Fast-tracked Listings
📌Audit before Presale
📌Huge Marketing
📌Online Casino App
📌Yield Farming Platform
📌NFT Marketplace (P2P)
🔥Tokenomics(6% Only):
➡️ 2% Marketing/Development
➡️ 1% Holders
➡️ 2% Auto LP
➡️ 1% Jackpot/Lottery Fund
📣Private Sale Announcement Coming Soon
💸🐗 LuckyPig Socials:
🐗Pancakeswap :
🐗Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.28 16:15 cyberDarkNinja87 What other new DC characters do you want to see to have their own series to create better storyline?

Here’s the other new DC characters that I want to see to get their own series:

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2021.09.28 16:15 gentlevision Advice about neighbors dogs v.s. my cat

We have two cats: 8 yr old Norwegian Forest cat (big beast) & a 1 yr old black cat (slinky noodle). We didn’t let little slinky outside until quite recently, fully under our and her big brothers supervision. After giving her just a couple of chances she proves how well behaved she is outside. Love it, begs for it. But…
My neighbors have two tiny yappy pups. I love all animals and have empathy for the inherent annoyingness in any dog under 20 pounds. We trimmed the lilacs that usually blurry the vision between fences and now the dogs and cats can catch glimpses of each other. They fucking HATE my little slinky noodle and she isn’t doing anything wrong! I watch her and she’ll just be walking around sniffing and they go absolutely nuts. It’s been 2 weeks and I thought they’d get used to her like they did her brother. They would bark at him every now and again, but not like this.
Here’s my big question. Baby girl is not afraid. I watched her swatting them in the face real quick through the fence (BAP BAP!). Instead of showing courtesy of the commotion by going outside to grab her and take her away from their side of the fence when the dogs freak out, I wanna just not do anything. Is that rude? I feel like it’s our yard, our other cat always goes outside, neither of them do anything wrong, and I shouldn’t have to monitor my cat in her own yard just because some peoples dogs can’t chill the fuck out.
What do you think?
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2021.09.28 16:15 creepy_robot Tripod-like UFO sighting in Iowa

I have wanted to post this for the longest time because I've never seen a similar sighting, but hopefully it's per guidelines. This happened around 98-99 in Keosauqua, Iowa. The year is give or take one or two.
I was out in the middle of nowhere Keosauqua, camping out on our trampoline (this was me, my brother, a buddy, and two cousins), in basically pitch black. The sky was pretty much crystal clear. I'm laying down with my arms behind my head just gazing up when something silently appears in my FOV and appears to be slowly going in a straight line.
The object was basically in the shape of one of those badminton birdies, but more of a tripod shape. It was dark red in color, with main "ball" with three "legs" that came off with a ball at the end of each. On each of these balls there was a golden circle or dot in the center.
Super uneventful, but I've never seen or heard any other description like this, so I am more interested in anything related.
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2021.09.28 16:15 420marijane Best US Marijuana Stocks To Buy In 2021? 2 For Your October Watchlist

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2021.09.28 16:15 RED_DEAD_REVENANT How common are entrepreneurs that are into programming?

Seems like, in this day and age, a ton of people are learning how to code. I'm curious as to how many of you guys are coders who do your own coding?
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2021.09.28 16:15 ProfessionalForeign HELP This Skin Broke My Game (Question),(Bug Report)

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2021.09.28 16:15 spectra__ Dirty window kinda looks like a scale model of the Magna Carta

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2021.09.28 16:15 WrenTronic Stopped refreshing my listings about two month ago, had low engagement, started refreshing my listings last week and now I have practically no engagement.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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2021.09.28 16:15 sForceJobs Salesforce Administrator - Afterpay

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2021.09.28 16:15 Swimtoto Crypto Challenge referral rule is evolving

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2021.09.28 16:15 Suttichart Introduce myself to r/CryptoArt

Introduce myself to CryptoArt hello,
I just joined this group and let me introduce myself.
I'm comic/Illustration artist and lecturer at university in Thailand.
I've FND account with nft from my comic art and illustration
from many times and event here.

Feel free to walk around and nice to meet you.

my first minted NFT
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2021.09.28 16:15 premyslvaculik Nokia s RichGo přináší obyčejná ANC sluchátka E3511

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2021.09.28 16:15 Vuhadzu Your Demise - Dreaming of Believing

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2021.09.28 16:15 bubbaganube Watching Kenny rage drop the price knowing that a lower cost basis will lock up the float faster…

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2021.09.28 16:15 homophobiclobster Rogánék küldték a milliárdokat, kormányközeli álcivilek rejtett támogatására költötték

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2021.09.28 16:15 db_sim200 [NH35 sx013] White Merc Hands with Dirty Lume on a Tuna Dial in an Olive Field SKX013 case, on a Chevron Bay Nato.

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2021.09.28 16:15 Kiiiyuu 19 [F4A] Genshin Coop or New friends!

Hi! Looking for someone to play genshin with for a long time! [hopefully 🤔]
I'm currently AR55 just 2k more til I reach 56! Xiao Main and currently farming artifacts for Ayaka. Maybe we can plan out our weekly farming routine? c:
Aside from lf a genshin duo, I'm also looking for someone to talk to constantly, this pandemic has really been an ass and I just really want someone to share all my thoughts and opinions!
A little info about me: an airhead college student, likes anime, japanese and korean culture, listens to music 24/7 (mostly r&b), and anything battle royale-ish stuff (haven't watched squid game, but I'm pretty stoked to see it soon!) i also read manga and manhwas from time to time. Good anime and manga recommendations would also be appreciated!
As for you, I honestly don't care that much, as long as you're a college student too so that we can share our struggles and help each other out! Also, strictly sfw for now please!
Dm me your intros or hit me up with anything interesting facts and stuff! Simple hellos are boring y'know? :p
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