Hurry up and wait...

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2021.09.28 15:59 Triannix22 Hurry up and wait...

Servers up in Australia. Jump straight on, create a character. Get in a Queue at 1,497. Wait. Wait some more. Nearly an hour wait, get into the intro area. Kill 3 things, the boss and the game bombs. Get back in, queue for starting zone. Wait. Number 22 in queue. Wait another hour and a half. Wait. Get in, dies on loading the area. Get back in, now waiting for World area, 227 in Queue. Wait. 3 hours in and I have had 3 minutes "gameplay". Give up waiting.
Amazon - world class servers and knowledge. Pigs arse.
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2021.09.28 15:59 1andresilva que objetivo?

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2021.09.28 15:59 Draw_Cazzzy69 Making a tech 1.12.2 space pack.

Im making a tech pack and currently based around galacticraft and more planets and extra planets AND zollern galaxy. I know its alot buttt i have managed to make them all work together by changing the dimension ID's. I have nucular craft all the thermal mods most tech mods already but want to add more and more to it any ideas?
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2021.09.28 15:59 drdoolittle25 Hate shit like this

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2021.09.28 15:59 wallybang95 26F looking for someone 20+ who wants to play Man of Medan

I play on ps4
I have had this game for awhile and have yet to play it. I want to play it with someone and then after if you want to play Little Hope that would be cool too.
I don't play man games so you would have to be patient.
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2021.09.28 15:59 NerdyMando Boss Guide to cursed Ares and Prometheus!

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2021.09.28 15:59 JimMarshall99 Dance Gavin Dance

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2021.09.28 15:59 AnimalAbject5595 Mariya Mahaliova

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2021.09.28 15:59 johanplesa When do we expect the album to drop?

Seen a lot of posts but I couldn't find a date
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2021.09.28 15:59 Lakechrista Why is she wasting this poor doctor's time?

This baby story is complete bullshit! I'm already bored by it.She is not serious about having a baby. It's just another excuse to freak out her parents, hit on this doctor, guilt trip her friends and gross us out with her heaving and puking
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2021.09.28 15:59 alwaysnewdepthz Bailey giving her grandad moral support as he fixes his moms car 😍 absolutely love them both

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2021.09.28 15:59 throwaway11121bitch My rat passed this morning. I found him covered in blood inside his cage. I don’t know why he passed.

My rat was bleeding out of his ear. No wounds, just blood coming out of his ear. He’s had a bloody ear once before recently. We figured he had an ear infection. I’ve been tryna find a rat friendly vet in my area since the first time it happened.
I don’t know what happened! I just want an explanation for why he had to go.
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2021.09.28 15:59 livinginahologram Le comparateur d’offres d’électricité et de gaz naturel du médiateur national de l’énergie

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2021.09.28 15:59 Sissyloverpetey still waiting for you to lick my stockings legs and in with your head under my dress and open your mouth then I want you to do something guess what

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2021.09.28 15:59 gacha_mind Go buy a pack of shiny stickers and give yourself one every time you do well. Idc what you think, you DESERVE a sticker. In fact give yourself one the min you buy them cos you're doing a good job.

If it's awkward to just give yourself a sticker then pretend i gave it to you.
"oh i don't need a stic-"
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2021.09.28 15:59 Independent_Air_8333 Anyone else feeling the moral dilemma of putting bushes on your tank?

When I'm playing I scorn anyone who gets a cheap kill from dressing up like a bush and hiding in a forest but I feel the temptation every time I'm in the customization menu, it would be so easy to put a bunch of bushed on my tank destroyers and become that guy. I feel the dark side calling to me.
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2021.09.28 15:59 lordgrifo i was recently dumped, what the fuck would you guys recommend to keep her off my mind ffs

Prolly isn’t the sub to ask but damn it’s haunting me even after being sad for a month.
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2021.09.28 15:59 SingingCrowWriting Bachelors of Forget-Me-Not Valley…

Let’s start with AnWL: Rock, Marlin, Gustafa To me they were- -cute idiot -gross creep who won’t let Celia, my fave wife, be free of him -hippie but he’s quite musical and that reddish hair is nice
DS Cute adds: Griffin, Carter (not counting Mineral Town boys) -my mom’s type who is a gruff older guy -an archaeologist and probably a scholar, sure, but he isn’t the kind of nerdy weird that I belong to but to be fair, my science interest tend to mostly lie elsewhere / also he’s not even cute really he’s too thick and square (for me)
But you know who I ALWAYS wanted to be able to marry? Daryl. I love Daryl, and I loved him in AWL (ps2 special edition cuz no GameCube for me)
And in DS Cute, it was still such a shame I couldn’t marry Daryl! Tho in that game, I also would’ve married Grant. Kate is mean to her father (who is a single parent on DS) and Grant is trying his best! He’s adorable and needs love and I’d love to be a step mom even if it is to Kate.
Anyone else have similar feelings? Or, are there any others you’d wish we’re bachelors?
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2021.09.28 15:59 gokul-nair Those of you who used to suck at DSA but now don't, how long did it take you to get good at it and what did you do?

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2021.09.28 15:59 AuthorELLea Cozy Mystery Pre-Made Cover Designs (Affordable)

I've been creating cozy mystery covers for a long while now and thought I'd post about them here.
I do take customs and expand current covers into sets. A lot of my clients like to purchase 3-6 covers in a series at a time. I also am able to offer a "semi-custom" option on my pre-mades to save you a bit of money/time. :)
My Etsy Shop:
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2021.09.28 15:59 alphaasks man

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2021.09.28 15:59 ripchan Number one but at what cost

I got in then crashed now iv been number 1 for 30 minutes oof
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2021.09.28 15:59 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 15:59 Calvin_James20 [FOR HIRE ] FOR ONLINE MATH CLASS TUTOR!!!!!!!... Algebra, calculus, statistics, Precalculus, homework, assignments, online classes, quiz, exam, projects, and discussion posts. Chat, pm, or email or DISCORD Calvin#6312

My name is Calvin Jamies and I'm a League-educated math Trainor who graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in Mathematics And who is currently available to help students. I help students with their online math classes. I am very skilled in helping both high school and college students both understand and ultimately get an A in mathematics. Guaranteed A in the following topics: ✓ Algebra ✓ Calculus ✓ Geometry ✓ Probability ✓ Pre-calculus ✓ Quantitative Reasoning. ✓ Statistics ✓ Trigonometry and many more.
I ∆ help tudents take their entire online math course from start to finish and help you complete the following:
✓Entire Online Math Courses lasting 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, or 16 weeks ✓Assignments, Homework, HW ✓ Projects ✓ Quizzes, Tests, Chapter Exams ✓ Midterm Exam ✓ Final Exam
I am very familiar and well-versed in the following online educational software below and can easily learn other software not mentioned below:
✓ ALEKS ✓ Aplia ✓ BlackBoard ✓ Canvas ✓ Connect ✓ Connexus ✓ Edmentum ✓ Hawkes Learning ✓ MathXL ✓ MyMathLab ✓ MyStatLab ✓ Moodle ✓ Pearson ✓ PlatoWeb ✓ Straighter Line ✓WebAssign
✓Full-Service 24/7 online academic assistance in math. ✓Guaranteed 90-100% on every assignment, quiz, exam, discussion post I work on. ✓ Instant replies.
Email: Discord: Calvin#6312
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2021.09.28 15:59 Mr_Crabs_Nebula Invest in high resolution sex workers

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