Please HELP me better understand the gameplay between Mercy and DPS.

2021.09.28 14:33 WinterVail Please HELP me better understand the gameplay between Mercy and DPS.

Ok so, i wish to know the following things:
-How you guys ultimately play mercy in relation with your dps in your own rank.
-What is the GENERAL CONSENSUS on how to successfully play her around the dps (this is super important to me as to see if there's a by the book approach to this).
-I wish to know your gameplay ESPECIALLY if there’s a pharah.
-What works for you generally and statistically (win %) speaking.
Clarification: i wish to know about Blue Beam use in particular and general priorities.
Story: this post is created because i wish to know the different opinions on how people play and what are your perspectives,opinions and personal gameplay like and then i will draw a conclusion if I should switch my own play style or adapt new ways. I hope this also helps other ppl with their own struggles in climbing.
I am low diamond on support. I have played since beta and i can tell that mercys play style has changed from having the freedom to be dodgey and evasive to a more passive play style being tethered to the (carry) dps. I feel like the latter is the kind of play style that is boring, disengaging, takes away the players freedom to enact their own choices and priorities and it's the kind of play style that was pushed onto the character as a general tip for climbing. And generally, if not followed, it's frowned upon.
That kind of strategy is generally accepted by support players and also dps players and therefore I now stand conflicted. I will talk about Pharah, as i seem to have a big issue with how she's played. Pharahs expect hardpocket and hardly ever attend to the other team members even if they need healing or rezzing because the moment that she's left alone, she dies (usually).
My play style is buzzing around using BB on almost everyone that i can with a harder focus on DPS fire. The more they are able to do, the more our team gets the advantage. I will always support a pharah that will try to flank for a barrage or try to get some harder enemies to kill. I will NOT support a pharah that does not use cover even in the air, and don't know their limitations when it comes to duels. It only takes a second to drop down when you're low so that you don't have to have a trip from spawn cuz you decided to press SHIFT with 50 hp.
It bothers me because it seems like people play Pharah in a totally different way than any other character (especially when the supports pick Mercy). When people are low on HP, they hide, stay put, wait, etc. (or that should be the norm with a few exceptions), Pharahs will fly up, risking dying and then flaming for not being hardpocketed.
People seem to prioritize Pharah over everything else. Like ok, if she's played by someone out-skilling everyone else than i understand prioritizing her safety over whomever else, but even in that specific case, i still think that healing the other healer or healing when the second healer is dead should be a huge priority as well, no excuses. And what about when the Pharah is not out-skilling everyone?
How do other ppl that play different characters feel about this dynamic? Don't people like their firestrike to be boosted, their genji blade, their echo bombs or beam, their zarya right click, winston electricity?
Legit curios, please tell me what you guys think.
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2021.09.28 14:33 Wireless_Life Extending Azure to outer space with Azure Orbital

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2021.09.28 14:33 AdoptMeTigers Buying parrot or crow or king monkey or queen bee or frost dragon for robux!!

Please Dm if you have one of the above
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2021.09.28 14:33 movieman-Bob She doesn’t know what she’s doing..Yeah she does..She knows exactly what she’s doing.

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2021.09.28 14:33 cmdr_shadowstalker An Idiot in Star Citizen [AIISC-10] A long way down

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2021.09.28 14:33 faulty19 which offer is better for my FR crow

View Poll
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2021.09.28 14:33 Switch_Mango I don't know what to think

And lol if you ever see us in person you would assume we was dating. I say we don't act like a couple but he allows me to grab onto his shirt, hold his arm, play in his hair, if I'm wearing something on my head he lets me put it on his, sometimes he lets me jokingly take his glasses. I would say we are good friends but most of the stuff we do I never did with my friends or my friends even allowed me to do, so this is a first.
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2021.09.28 14:33 Phoenix85248 Gluten Free Quick and Easy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies No Baking No Cooking Needed 10 Minutes Recipe

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2021.09.28 14:33 ReadThisIfUKissAss H: jugg/25ap/1agi fixer and insti/25ap/15r handmade W: caps

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2021.09.28 14:33 leon_sen Pekora by @amedamahitotubu [Hololive]

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2021.09.28 14:33 dandirkmn Stat boost placement (passive ones)

Just curious if anyone knows of nuances to placement of the passive area of affect stat boosters?
Awe and Aesthetics
From what I can tell if you place to cover dwellings all beavers are satisfied. In my case 1 beaver statue on the roof of a multi-story complex.
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2021.09.28 14:33 More_Forever_7460 LIKE & SUB EXCHANGE..!
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2021.09.28 14:33 uriahcy Thanks for the positive IDs, today’s haul

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2021.09.28 14:33 ProductionAVL Common wire issues and voltage

Hi all - after spending a few hours troubleshooting, looking through this subreddit, and searching online, I’m coming up empty handed. My common wire is showing low voltage (and not connected). I have swapped the hot to RC and RH with no luck. Below is a link to some pictures for reference. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.28 14:33 Remcasual Can this guy learn to dodge? I also dont want this "pyromancer" who cant even light a brazier to boss me around saying shit like this. Jagex pls

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2021.09.28 14:33 Comfortable_Humor_95 Help with Universities with BA in Animation in Europe

Im looking Universities around Europe to study a BA in animation, I've been looking around but I'm having trouble, do you guys know some in other countries apart from Germany and Spain.
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2021.09.28 14:33 Dtrinnie 🐶 STEPDOG 👑 | Low Marketcap | Liquidity Lock | Liquidity Low

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2021.09.28 14:33 yneos Anyone with the DVDs had trouble with the Season 2 menu?

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2021.09.28 14:33 haleyim I'm dreaming about squish hunting now!

Well here I am. It's invaded my dreams. I'm so desperately obsessed with finding Tangie, Calton, and Bowie that I dreamed about squish hunting last night. Anyone else a little too consumed by the hunt? 😳 What was your moment of realization that all is squish?
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2021.09.28 14:33 Y_Brennan If AFL Evo 2 wanted to be realistic

They should of hired Dwayne Russell to be the commentator. He says the same catchphrases every game on repeat instead of sullying Huddos good name they just should have hire Dwayno
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2021.09.28 14:33 simionss24 este es ahora

estamos al 100 vamoosss
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2021.09.28 14:33 InfantryMOD Creators cash in thanks to new Voice Calling tool on SoSpoilt

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2021.09.28 14:33 Creeperboom321 My lights keep becoming unavailable

I can't find the reason why my zigbee lights keep becoming unavailable I have to unplug them then plug them back in and then it works but then it becomes unavailable again
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2021.09.28 14:33 binary_alchemist93 Carbonara!

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2021.09.28 14:33 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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